This week's Worksheet

Every Monday we post a free printable worksheet from the Question Quest Photocopiable Resource. Print and share them to help your students get the most out of Question Quest!

This week's worksheet covers card number #39,"Would you like some...?"

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 "Would you like some...?"

"Would you like some...?"

How Question Quest improves your classroom

Question Quest: The Language Card Game

This educational card game improves language learners’ ability to ask and answer questions found in everyday English conversation and standardized English tests like EIKEN and TOEIC. Click on the image below to take a look at the cards from an academic perspective.

Unlike Crazy-Eight or Go-Fish style language learning card games where English communication is peripheral to gameplay or vocabulary is limited to nouns, Question Quest was designed with conversation as its core component. Every turn of Question Quest is a new conversation! As students endeavor to earn points and win the game, they aspire to speak in accurate and complete sentences without teacher prompting. One player is the champion, but everyone wins.

Beyond the game, Question Quest cards enrich the EFL classroom in numerous ways:

  • as the focus for a particular lesson
  • as a diagnostic tool to assess a student's level
  • as a section of an oral interview
  •  to engage new students in demo lessons
  • as collectable trophies to mark student progress

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Question Quest: Photocopiable Resource

This 102 page photocopiable workbook is a great stand-alone resource, or the perfect companion for the Question Quest card game. Each of the 74 questions from the main game is mirrored with a hand-crafted worksheet incorporating the target language and beautiful art of Question Quest. This book will enhance students' learning experience by:

  • focusing a student on a specific question they need to work on
  • improving students' reading and writing skills with visually pleasing materials and diverse exercises
  • reinforcing English heard in the classroom, especially if paired with the Question Quest card game
  • acting as a homework assignment to keep students' head in the game beyond the classroom