How it works

Question Quest : The Language Card Game is all about asking and answering questions in English. Each turn a player asks another player a question from the game. Points are awarded based on correct answers. Special cards let players interrupt, dodge a question, or make another player answer! It's designed for 2-6 players and can be enjoyed in a classroom setting with the teacher as the Judge, or between students with the players sharing Judge duties.  

Gameplay videos

Watch this series of videos for an introduction to basic play, an in-depth look at the cards, and how to use the five different special cards.

Instruction Guides

Question Quest: The Language Card Game is easy to learn.

Want to get started straight away? Grab a deck and click on the image to the left to check out our one page Quickstart Guide PDF file!


Want to dive even deeper into the game? Right click on the image to the right and "save link as" to download a PDF version of the 32 page instruction manual that is included with every deck  of Question Quest: The Language Card Game. Or simply click the image to view the PDF directly in your browser. (6.8 Mb)