Question Quest in Nepal!

Hello QQ fans!

Ann Mayeda, a lecturer for the Department of English Language and Culture at Konan Women's University in Kobe, makes regular trips to Nepal to support English schools there.  Quest Maker Media donated some copies of Question Quest to take on her trip. Here's the feedback the game received.

The older man and woman - they are the school owners at one of the schools where we run an ER program. We played QQ with them one evening after dinner and it was a most delightful time. The headmistress shown in the photo saw the immediate value of the game in their school so the next day several of the children played the game during recess. Unfortunately I don't have any photos of that session. But the school was very impressed with the quality of the card and game. Our host son loves the game and has been bringing the cards to school every day. 

I will be returning in September and would love to bring more sets to the schools. I can already see that they are a valuable tool in a system that is designed under a more conservative view of language study.  --Ann Maeda

Great feedback indeed!

Workshop for CoFFET

Hi QQ fans!

On Saturday December 14th, we presented a Question Quest workshop to the Community of Friendly Filipino English Teachers (CoFFET). 

Screen Shot 2013-12-15 at 4.17.29 PM.png

CoFFET takes pride in providing quality independently audited TESOL certificate programs, accent reduction training, and teacher development training and workshops to its members and those wanting to become ESL/ESOL teachers.

We were honoured to be invited by the CoFFET Education Chair, Mr. Lynn Suico, to be the grand finale for an intensive training session that produced a new group of wonderful English teachers ready to work here in Japan.


The energy in the room grew and grew as these new teachers quickly realised how swiftly QQ would engage and help improve the communicative ability of their future students.

Look out future students of these CoFFET graduates, these ladies know how to put your language skills to the Quest!

More next time!


Workshop at Kanda University

Hey Question Quest fans!


We hope all is going great for you in language teaching land. Things have been great for us too. On Wednesday November 20th, 2013, we gave a QQ workshop to the students (That's right, the students!) who frequent the Kanda University of International Studies Self Access Learning Centre

The SALC is an awesome state of the art environment designed to help students develop lifelong language learner autonomy. The place is filled with tons of resources like books, magazines, games, DVDs, CDs and online resources in order to provide individualised learning opportunities for students. On top of the large variety of materials, there are different areas and rooms within the SALC where students can carry out language learning. There are areas equipped with everything students need to use the materials such as CD, MP3 and DVD players, computer stations, speaking booths, group access areas and multi-purpose rooms. The SALC is designed to enable students to learn in their own time and to develop language skills for the real world. Learning advisors and other staff are on hand to help users. The SALC also offers various modules and courses designed to promote learner autonomy. 


And now Question Quest is there too!

We got a chance to sit down with some of the SALC students and show them how a game of Question Quest with their fellow students can improve their ability to participate in conversation. We played a game and the best part was watching the students build confidence to give and accept peer feedback on their English performance during play. It's amazing what a little competition for crystal points can do to get students to speak up about other students' errors and defend their own language choices!

2013-11-20 13.31.10.jpg

The SALC university students were of a pretty high level in English, so to make Question Quest more challenging, we set the rules that all answers must be a minimum of three sentences per answer, and the students had to add three sentences more if a "Tell me More!" card was played. So, there were lots of opportunities for the students to critique each other's English ability and decide which player won the turn. The students had a great time, and we did too!



Before the workshop, the SALC had set things up so students could borrow and play Question Quest in the SALC area, but they quickly realised they had better make it available for students to borrow and take home as well. That's just how attractive QQ is!

So, a big thank you to the Kanda University of International Studies for inviting us. We hope we can visit you and the SALC again soon!

More next time!


A Trainer of Teachers.

Hi and welcome to the Official Question Quest : The Language Card Game Blog!

2013-10-12 15.17.00.jpg

On Saturday October 12, 2013, Question Quest presented its first workshop for IPS International Language School run by the amazing Erlinda Isomura. Question Quest was there at IPS's invitation and a wonderful time was had by all.  Question Quest cards were held for the first time by the attending English language teachers and English language teacher trainees. They smiled as they learned to play the game and came up with their own ideas for using the cards with their students.



After the workshop, Question Quest had the opportunity to spend time with IPS trainer, Tyson Batino. A former trainer for INTERAC, Tyson has teamed up with IPS to share his formidable English language teaching expertise with teachers and teacher trainees all over Japan. Tyson stands out. He has an air about him that tells you immediately he is meant to be a teaching mentor. 

If your looking for someone to get your English language teaching skill or a room full of English language teachers or teacher trainees into shape, you should contact IPS and get Tyson to give you a hand. They are currently focusing on doing training sessions for all aspects of teaching children, but are planning to expand to High School and adults in 2014, so be on the lookout for great things from IPS! If you would like more information on Tyson, you can also visit his website at



Tyson did not know exactly what he was in for when Erlinda told him about Question Quest. She said the workshop was for a really cool language learning card game, but because Tyson was so busy preparing for the teachers and teacher trainees he would be working with on the day, Erlinda did not have a chance to tell him anything more. He told Question Quest after the workshop that he was actually a bit worried the game would not be up to IPS's standards. Needless to say when Question Quest arrived and Tyson got his hands on the cards, he was very pleased.

Tyson knew just by looking at the Question Quest cards the years of work went into them. He understood the amount of time and preparation teaching the game to students could save a teacher in an ELT class because of how so many language lessons are already built into the game!

More next time!