A Trainer of Teachers.

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On Saturday October 12, 2013, Question Quest presented its first workshop for IPS International Language School run by the amazing Erlinda Isomura. Question Quest was there at IPS's invitation and a wonderful time was had by all.  Question Quest cards were held for the first time by the attending English language teachers and English language teacher trainees. They smiled as they learned to play the game and came up with their own ideas for using the cards with their students.



After the workshop, Question Quest had the opportunity to spend time with IPS trainer, Tyson Batino. A former trainer for INTERAC, Tyson has teamed up with IPS to share his formidable English language teaching expertise with teachers and teacher trainees all over Japan. Tyson stands out. He has an air about him that tells you immediately he is meant to be a teaching mentor. 

If your looking for someone to get your English language teaching skill or a room full of English language teachers or teacher trainees into shape, you should contact IPS and get Tyson to give you a hand. They are currently focusing on doing training sessions for all aspects of teaching children, but are planning to expand to High School and adults in 2014, so be on the lookout for great things from IPS! If you would like more information on Tyson, you can also visit his website at www.tysonbatino.com.



Tyson did not know exactly what he was in for when Erlinda told him about Question Quest. She said the workshop was for a really cool language learning card game, but because Tyson was so busy preparing for the teachers and teacher trainees he would be working with on the day, Erlinda did not have a chance to tell him anything more. He told Question Quest after the workshop that he was actually a bit worried the game would not be up to IPS's standards. Needless to say when Question Quest arrived and Tyson got his hands on the cards, he was very pleased.

Tyson knew just by looking at the Question Quest cards the years of work went into them. He understood the amount of time and preparation teaching the game to students could save a teacher in an ELT class because of how so many language lessons are already built into the game!

More next time!