Workshop at Kanda University

Hey Question Quest fans!


We hope all is going great for you in language teaching land. Things have been great for us too. On Wednesday November 20th, 2013, we gave a QQ workshop to the students (That's right, the students!) who frequent the Kanda University of International Studies Self Access Learning Centre

The SALC is an awesome state of the art environment designed to help students develop lifelong language learner autonomy. The place is filled with tons of resources like books, magazines, games, DVDs, CDs and online resources in order to provide individualised learning opportunities for students. On top of the large variety of materials, there are different areas and rooms within the SALC where students can carry out language learning. There are areas equipped with everything students need to use the materials such as CD, MP3 and DVD players, computer stations, speaking booths, group access areas and multi-purpose rooms. The SALC is designed to enable students to learn in their own time and to develop language skills for the real world. Learning advisors and other staff are on hand to help users. The SALC also offers various modules and courses designed to promote learner autonomy. 


And now Question Quest is there too!

We got a chance to sit down with some of the SALC students and show them how a game of Question Quest with their fellow students can improve their ability to participate in conversation. We played a game and the best part was watching the students build confidence to give and accept peer feedback on their English performance during play. It's amazing what a little competition for crystal points can do to get students to speak up about other students' errors and defend their own language choices!

2013-11-20 13.31.10.jpg

The SALC university students were of a pretty high level in English, so to make Question Quest more challenging, we set the rules that all answers must be a minimum of three sentences per answer, and the students had to add three sentences more if a "Tell me More!" card was played. So, there were lots of opportunities for the students to critique each other's English ability and decide which player won the turn. The students had a great time, and we did too!



Before the workshop, the SALC had set things up so students could borrow and play Question Quest in the SALC area, but they quickly realised they had better make it available for students to borrow and take home as well. That's just how attractive QQ is!

So, a big thank you to the Kanda University of International Studies for inviting us. We hope we can visit you and the SALC again soon!

More next time!