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"At first I was a little worried the game might be too complex, but after just a few rounds my whole class was really enjoying it and using the special cards like crazy in the race for points. Question Quest takes a little more thought and strategy than your average EFL game, but it makes a great addition to the classroom and my students won't stop asking me to play again!"

- Elizabeth McGraw, English Teacher, Senzoku Gakuen High School.


"In my experience, games are the number one activity choice for ESL students. Question Quest is a game that not only provides a fun, relaxing atmosphere for students to practice and improve their English but also motivates them to study on their own. Question Quest is that rare, perfect blend of education and entertainment!"

-Jason Wan, English teacher at Rikkyo University.

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 "Question Quest is a fun and effective way to get your students to engage and experiment with natural, useful English. My students love the colorful characters, engaging world, and fast-paced action, especially when the Special Cards start being used!"

- Jessica Bentz, Editor and English Teacher, Toyama University.


"As soon as I introduced Question Quest to my university English students, they became intimately engaged with the English language in a way I have never observed when using conventional textbooks or worksheets. The compelling combination of relatable manga-style characters, and high frequency English grammatical forms, make Question Quest a must-have resource for any English teacher."

- Paul Raine, English Teacher at J. F. Oberlin University, Tokyo.


 "Question Quest is a great way to facilitate communication in class, especially between shy students. It really breaks down the barriers that make natural conversation difficult in an English classroom setting. The game is flexible and adaptable to a variety of learning outcomes."

- Tony Blackmore, Instructor, EAP Program at the Sino-Canada HIgh School at Soochow University HIgh School, Suzhou, China. 


"Question Quest was easy to pick up and understand. The students were playing within minutes. They used a lot of English, had a great time, and want to play it again! Question Quest is a great supplement for classrooms looking to get out of the routine of textbooks and lectures!"

 -Nicholas Canalos, teacher, extensive reading consultant and textbook author at Scientific Education Group in Tokyo.


"With its fantastically cool and eye-catching design my students were excited to try Question Quest. The game works really well even with a group of mixed ability levels and students can focus on meaning and fluency and/or accuracy. As one student exclaimed, "I love this game! I want to play again!" Question Quest is a superb way to develop language skills while having fun!"

- Philip Shigeo Brown, teacher, lecturer, and learning advisor at Konan Women's University. Coeditor of Innovating EFL Teaching in Asia and the upcoming Exploring EFL Fluency in Asia. 


"Question Quest is a totally unique product that will excite and motivate learners of all ages to speak real English. The innovative creators of Question Quest have designed a communicative game with stunning visual artwork and essential English language practice, which will inspire teachers and students all around the world."

- John Lowe, Asia ELT Director for Cengage for 14 years, Tokyo-based educational consultant working for companies such as Cartoon Network, HiT Entertainment, World Family, the History Channel, OUP, John Wiley, SAGE Publishing, and Guinness World Records.



"My students love Question Quest! It gets them speaking, actively listening, and interacting with each other in an exciting way. Highly recommended to all English teachers!"

- Marcos Benevides, award winning ELT author and series editor of the Choose Your Own Adventure series of graded readers.