how it works

Take students' understanding of everyday questions to the next level with the fully illustrated and photocopiable resource! Follow the adventures of Kal and his crystal hunting team across 74 unique worksheets with hundreds of different exercises and two new conversation games.


Here's how the worksheets are structured:

A. Every worksheet is built around a common and practical English question.

B. Each exercise guides students through the necessary vocabulary and grammar needed to answer the question and elaborate on the topic. 

C. By the end of the worksheet, students have the tools they need to create their own questions and answers.

D. The fabulous art of Question Quest is on every single page!

E. Each worksheet is designed around its matching Question Quest card. Use the card game and photocopiable resource together for a powerful language learning experience.


Bonus Materials

The photocopiable resource is also packed with extra content and new games that teachers and students love.

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